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A10-5745M (HD 8610G) + Radeon R7M260 drivers problem

Question asked by bocianinio on Mar 30, 2020

Laptop hp 17-f025ng with A10-5747M (HD 8610G) + Radeon R7 M260. Problem with drivers in Windows 1803 1809 1903 1909 - working only driver for 2015 year but i haven't option change gpu - 2 graphics installed, but only works HD - i can't change gpu. when i install driver new or from 2019 year and 2018 year i have problem with r7. I use driver booster - it doesn't help. i turn off automaticaly updating - it doesn't help. Work only HD. I can't install Win7-bios block instalation ( i can boot win7 but i havent USB driver and i can't choice partition. I have win7 UEFI an i have this same problem. I'm trying to install from USB and CD - not working, i have ODD on USB - not working. I can instal only win 8.1 (I hate him) and win10. after installing win7 on another laptop and plugging it into hp it can't see the disk. bios hp is set to legacy.


i turn off updating (regedit, local, create new folder updating off) - doesn't help, i use program driver booster - doesn't help...


what drivers can I install to not disable the update?