Black screen during amd driver install

Discussion created by axonn on Mar 31, 2020
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Hi guys, 




I just set up my brand new desktop pc - brand new meaning the parts have arrived today. Everything went smooth untill the driver install for the gpu - at 70-80% black screen and won't recover. 2 windows reinstalls, dunno how many DDU runs and not working... I don't know what to do.. Anyone who can help me?


PS : if I don't install the driver everything works fine - also the latest drivers I used - tryed with 20.2.2; 20.3.1; 19.10.1; 19.12.1; 19.7.1


PS2 : I would like to mention that after the black screen the system still runs - music is playing in the background


System spec :


Motherboard : Asus tuf gaming X570 


Processor : Ryzen 7 3700x




GPU : Sapphire nitro+ RX 5700xt 


Power supply : corsair 80+ gold 650w




Thanks in advance for the help