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memory lock vega 56

Question asked by darkenlord911 on Mar 31, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2020 by darkenlord911

So, i got the problem and i'm not the only who confront with it, and i didn't find a solve.

I will try to discribe how it happens.


I bought this card in January 2020 and she worked well and i can't tell, that this issue happened to me after i install new driver\OC\UV card.

I used OverDriveNTool few times, trying to find best clock value and voltage, but after some bsods i just drop it to the stock to understand the reason of bsods, i thought it could be driver issue. After a while i forgot about UV my vega56 and played just by stock. Performance was enough for me. Some time later, mb month, i meet this problem first time. Temp at any of sensors in Hwinfo64 was a far away from critical, GPU utilization at 0% (while in game), GPU D3D at normal number like 80-90% and MEMORY locked on 167 Mhz...

At that momen i was sitting at 20.1.2 or 20.2.1...can't remember but anyway, after clean unistall with DDU and install latest 20.2.2 drivers my problem didn't lost. It's not happening everyday (ty God), it's taking 1 or 2 week after last time and happening again.


I'm restarting my computer (the only solution) and i don't know when it will happen again with my card.
Honestly, i'm living in fear.


P.S. Sorry for my englando.