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AMD Raise The Game promotion that will be available from February 4 to April 25?

Question asked by sergio1996 on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by elstaci

Hello, I am going to tell you my problem, on March 11,2020 I bought an AMD Ryzen 7 3700X on Amazon in Spain and on March 10 I bought a Powercolor AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT Red Dragon 8GB GDDR6 on

In fact I like my brand and that´s why I chose It but also because of the promotion they offered. I have contacted Amazon (Spain) and Amazon (United kingdom) and they have no record of any promotions and codes to give me..

I have reviewed my shopping hotmail and in spam or spam tray.. and nothing nothing. I have contacted AMD and they have told me that they do not have codes and that they only have them where I bought the product.. I have contacted AMD and Amazon many times and they have not given me a solution or answers.

On the official AMD page  they say all the stores where the promotion is it. 

In this link it says all the AMD processors and graphics that enter the promotion. I need help to claim or obtain my processor codes and the graphics that I have purchased since, I meet all the requirements of the promotion and I have billing for the purchases. Because in case of not obtaining the codes, I would get a bad feeling from the AMD company. Greetings to all and I await a response because I am already tired of the situation. Thank you.

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If I call AMD and show my invoice for the purchase of the processor and the graphics, can they give me the promotional codes or that they talk to Amazon and reach an agreement? Why if Amazon and AMD don´t have the codes? Who has them? xd I never delete emails from my email and I have looked at them a thousand times ( filtering files, emails, etc) and there is nothing...