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AMD ReLive Questions?

Question asked by kenyomurabu on Mar 30, 2020

So I don't know anyone out there who knows things about AMD Products, 
wish I did so I could learn a few things, but I don't... 


So my Question is, I was create a Special Interactive Interface for a 
Special Ocassion to run in a Stream with... 


Is it possible to make something like this work from a Browser Source? 
I've never used Browser Source in a Stream before, & I can't seem to think 
of any reason you would wanna use it in a Stream. Could this maybe be one 
of those times where it is useful?


Here is an Example Below: 

Eh, no example, srry... I can't get any Images to appear... 
But I drew a picture of the Placemat for Magic The Gathering Cards, 
& cut out the Center piece, to Display your WebCam in the Center of the Placemat... 
I had a Player Chat Box on the left & Game Feed Box on the right for Attacks, 
& bottom right corner I had a box for the Phases Of Your Turn 
Top & Bottom were the Placements of your Lands, & HP Dice, & Bonus Counters 


I couldn't figure any way to get this to work over a Stream, though... 
Because I need the Boxes to allow Text Editing, & the Numbers to have a drop down arrow Button, 
& such.. 


Could Browser Source work for this?


Streaming actual Magic Games, is not helpful, because i've got Older Cards that aren't even in the Newer Games, 
that I would think would be cool to Stream with...