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Video TDR failure [Rx 5600 XT]

Question asked by dubii on Mar 29, 2020
Latest reply on May 6, 2020 by amdmatt

I recently upgraded my pc.


At first I bought: 


B450 tomahawk max

Ryzen 5 3600X

Corsair 3200 8x2 16gb ram

and used a old video card from a friend rx 570 8gb.


I recently bought msi radeon rx 5600 xt mech oc 


When I play video games like: Call of duty, Destiny 2, No man sky or just browsing on start screen I can get a chance that my screen will stutter a bit following up by a black screen.. I still hear the audio from the game or discord.. after that it will stay that way and I have to hard reboot or it will go to blue screen with stop code: VIDEO TDR FAILURE. What failed: Atikmpag sys.


I'm not the best in computers software or doing bios updates.


I know my b450 tomahawk max has the recent bios included on the package. On msi live update 6 it says motherboard version 3.40

I updated windows 10

I updated drivers with radeon software (current version 20.3.1.)

I updated manualy the rx 5600 xt mech oc msi driver with msi live update 6 current version: TV381MH.822


I reinstalled windows 10.



So sometimes I can play for an hour or more and sometimes i get this black screen after 5 minutes.


Is this a common failure with rx 5600 xt or is it something else? I know people had this in January and februari 2020 so maybe they fixed it? 


Greets Yorick