rx 580 problem

Discussion created by zdravko996 on Mar 29, 2020

i bought brand new graphic card rx 580 i have problem when i connect pc monitor i have message HDMI no signal, my monitor is asus VP247HAE, monitor have HDMI and VGA (d-sub) connector, when i connect it with HDMI i see message HDMI no signal, i have 2xDP, 2xHDMI and DVI on my graphic card, when i connect my TV in second HDMI port in graphic card i see image, only i can see image on monitor when is TV and pc monitor connected in both HDMI in graphic card but only can see image when i set refresh rate to 30 hz interlaced but the image is shaking at 30 hz inteelaced and when change something different i dont have signal on pc monitor, pc monitor works on my previous low end graphic (r7 240) with HDMI cable 1920x1080 at 60 hz. In radeon software i see that my TV and pc monitor are cloned, can some one have solution how can i display image only on my PC monitor? 

i have latest driver version 20.2.2