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System Crashing since cleaning my Vega 64 LC

Question asked by brandonmon on Mar 28, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2020 by warsun

For the past few months my GPU (Vega 64 Liquid Cooled) has air in the AIO closed loop and I’d hear the noise of air running through the pump. My temps would reach a max of 71 C during gaming and I’d have no other issues, so I didn’t act on it immediately.


I was playing games this morning without any issues, but I wanted to clean out dust in my computer, which involved me taking the GPU off the MOBO and then replacing it. Things haven’t been the same since :(

Two issues have been happening since.

1) My GPU crashes under load, and I’ll get a black screen and the fans stay on like the cpu fans, gpu radiator fan, and RAM lights up. Sometimes the PC just shuts off entirely

2) There’s a humming sound that wasn’t that before. It’s pretty consistent but stops here and there. Not sure if this is the pump or not, but my temps still aren’t high because I can’t even begin gaming once it crashes in the menu. My card was pretty quiet before minus the air bubbles but this is new.


I wish I didn’t touch my gpu at all, things were near perfect before. I quadruple checked the PCIE connection and seems like it’s seated properly. When I removed my GPU I could hear the liquid and air “sloshing” around but I haven’t heard the air bubbles pass through my pump since I put it back on the MOBO

Specs: Ryzen 2600x PSU Gold 1000W (I initially had 500W which wasn’t enough for the VEGA 64)

Any help would be deeply appreciated