Freesync Chg70

Discussion created by jmo on Mar 28, 2020

Samsung Chg70 monitor wont run at 144hz with freesync enabled. only will at 120hz.  If I run it at 144hz whether its on standard or ultimate in monitors OSD i get an immediate black screen.   One way to get it back is to turn the monitor on and off couple times but even then it seems like the freesync is not working properly.  It happens just about in every game i play such as cod mw, rocket league and pubg.  If anybody has the this issue or a fix for this that would be awesome. 


Latest  Driver

Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.3.1 


Samsung Monitor 1020 latest version in OSD


5700xt Sapphire not overclocked or anything at stock

3700x samething

x570 Gigabyte Ultra

32gb Corsair ram