Fullscreem/Borderless freesync problem.

Discussion created by dawid0711 on Mar 29, 2020
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I have problem with Freesync in games. My overall gaming experience seems to be better when I play in Boredless mode. I tested in few games like "BFV", Path of Exile etc. Fullscreen seems to somehow stutter. The problem seems to be more visible in online games. It feels that freesync is nort working in fullscreen correctly. When i switch  to bordless screen mode all is fluid and smooth. Any idea why? I do not mind playing in bordeless mode but I 've heared that average fps might be lower. All drivers updated ofc. Any ideas?


My PC:

Ryzen 3700x

5700xt Sapphire 

16 Gb ddr 4 3200

Windows 10 

AOC 32 inch CQ32g1