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3900x Core11 do not park in idle.

Question asked by buchquetscher on Mar 29, 2020

Hello together!

Since two days my cpu-cooler ist a bit louder in idle. The ryzen mastertool shows that only core11 runs between 4200-4500MHz in idle.

All other cores are parking or idle between 200-700MHz. I used the newest version of chipsetdriver and mastertool. Older versions show same result. Energieplan is ryzen balanced. Even a biosreset does not help.

My system:

cpu: 39000x

board: asus rog-strix x470-f

ram: 32gb gskill ripjaws 3200-14

gpu: zotac 1080ti extreme


Anybody with same problem or workaround.

Thank you in advance... and sorry for my owful english ;-)