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StoreMi: Can't change Tiering Rate

Question asked by dr.garbageaim on Mar 28, 2020
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I have this problem i hope someone can help me with.

I am using the latest version of StoreMi ( and the program seems to be working as expected, except that when i try to change either the Tiering Rate or Tiering Priority from the StoreMi taskbar menu It does not work at all. They are stuck in "Aggressive" and "Medium" respectively.

If i try to change either option the selection will change for a couple of seconds, as if it had worked, but then revert back to its previous state each and every time in the same way. Turning the RAM Cache on and off seems to be working fine.


My system is as follows if it might help

AMD Ryzen 3900X

Asus Strix X570-E Gaming

Kingston HyperX Fury DDR4 32Gb

Asus ROG RTX 2080 Strix OC

Windows 10 Pro 1909.18363.720