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Firefox crash on load video stream

Question asked by pawlak838 on Mar 27, 2020
Hello everyone!!!
I posted an entry here using, sorry for that.
My hardware:
5600 XT Pulse 6GB GDDR6 (11296-01-20G)
Ryzen 5 3600
MicroStar B450-A PRO MAX (MS-7B86)
PSU: 550W-85%
Adrenalin 20.2.2
FF 74.0
In general, the configuration works normally, correctly.
Sufficient equipment for me, with one exception.
In the firefox browser, when the video is loading, everything disappears
from the browser window and firefox hangs (100 tabs and more). This does not happen every
time, it is very random
, but often. The result is many Radeon Software icons in the tray.
What can it be and is there any vitamin for it

Thanks for your time