Switchable Graphics issue with radeon 520

Discussion created by sebastian165 on Mar 26, 2020
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Hi people!Today i had a problem with my radeon video cards.I tried switching to Radeon 520 for gaming,but still it uses the R5 int. graphics.I tried all the methods on the internet!(Checking Graphics settings on windows and set to High performance each game,but power saving and high performance have both the integrated graphics(Radeon R5 Graphics.The other option i tried is to unistall the new driver and switch to an old version like the 1.9 driver that had switchable drivers.That didn't worked too because it didn't showed me that option,but i did some changes in the additional amd overdrive options.There showed me the ,,Switching graphics options,,.The last option was to change settings from power options,that didn't worked too, i setup all to ,,Maximize Performance,,).I mention that my radeon 520 is detected by the control panel of the driver,and by device manager too!

Here are my specs: (These are the right specifications!)

Sorry for bad english,i wrote this thread very fast!