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20.3.1 Reintroduced the Blackscreen Issues on 5700XT. It only happens when recording with Radeon Relive after minutes of gameplay.

Question asked by ischyro on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2020 by ischyro

The blackscreen issue that has been happening with the 5700 series cards came back with the latest driver: 20.3.1, only this time, it only happens while recording with Radeon Relive. Every time I play a game while recording with Radeon Relive, after a couple of minutes of gameplay, one of the following happens:


         1. the system suddenly hangs and it needs a hard restart

         2. the system will trigger a black screen and needs a hard restart

         3. the system will trigger a black screen and it restarts itself


This did not happen with the 20.1.4 driver. Also, 20.2.2 driver which AMD claimed to have fixed the black screen issue had random black screen issue occurring in it, while 20.1.4 did not have it. Therefore, of all the drivers released post-September 2019, 20.1.4 is the most stable.


I tested recording with Windows Game Bar, and I've played hours without any issues, except, I do not want to use that recorder as it causes minor FPS drops.