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Any AMD Ryzen 7 Laptops + Thunderbolt 3 without Radeon Graphics?

Question asked by colesdav on Mar 26, 2020
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2020 by kingfish

I am looking to purchase a new Workstation Laptop and/or Gaming Laptop.


Thunderbolt 3 support is a must.


I would prefer two Thunderbolt 3 ports if possible so I could drive a pair of eGPu.


I need the Laptop to be capable of driving either Avermedia or Elgato external capture cards and record 4K60 FPS




I  need a laptop with powerful CPU - hence Ryzen 7 is a thought.


The Laptop will need to have a reasonably powerful discrete graphics card with 6-8GB VRAM.
Something around RX580 8GB or RTX2060 8GB performance would do.

Edit: If AMD Discrete GPU I would prefer it to be RDNA based and not GCN.  


I do not want to have to spend much more than 1500 for the Laptop if possible but I do not think that is likely.


I strongly prefer that the Laptop CPU does NOT have any Radeon Integrated Graphics.


If anyone has any ideas w.r.t. Laptop Options that might fit what I am after please let me know.


Best Laptop candidates I have seen so far are all Intel CPU based:


Newer HP Zbooks - Newer models have  Dual Thunderbolt 3 which is great, but the graphics options are weak.
Latest HP Omen 15 and 17 have Thunderbolt 3, and some reasonable Discrete Graphics Cards. 


However HP Laptops have a tendancy to use Hardware Whitelisting in BIOS which is a problem I would prefer to avoid.


I believe that new Laptop options for 2020 will be available from April 2nd.