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I feel like my PC is not using its full potential

Question asked by linvus on Mar 25, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by linvus

HELLO dear AMD community. Im here because i feel like my pc hardware is struggling to reach its full potential.

I have:

Saphire Nitro+ OC RX 480 8gb version (latest driver)

Ryzen 3 1200 - Stock clockspeed (3.1 GHz)

1x16 GB of Kllisre RAM that i downlocked to 2133 Mhz to prevent bsod

Asus A320m-k motherboard (doesnt support OC-ing).   SSD for windows and some basic tools and HDD for games and media.


Heres the deal, i've checked every possible bench-marking video on youtube with this cpu+gpu combo and every video shows better performance than my pc does.

Games i play:
CS-GO: 1080p with normal/high details - Avg of 85 fps with time-to-time frame drops. Also Loading into game takes longer than on my older pc.

GTA5: 1080p with all high details - 35-40 FPS with textures not loading when  driving fast, flickering. Edges of buildings/roads are not as smooth as i expect them to be and

F1 2018: 1080p with high details - so far works great.

Rimworld - 1080p. game fps drops when speeding up the game to 3x for 5-10 seconds which i think shouldn't be happening

The surge 2; 1080p high details- Very unstable fps although on the you-tube benchmarks show otherwise.

Leage of L: 1080p with medium settings!!! - Barely 70 fps and in teamfights dropping to 45


Why im 100% sure that my pc is not working as it should be, is that my older system (FX-6300 and r7 360, 8gb ram) had better FPS on csgo. I was recording gameplay on that same pc while playing csgo and it had better fps than my current pc.



I need your opinion, and help.
I installed last gpu driver, downloaded all the chipsets/vga driver/audio/lan drivers for my MBO and installed latest bios version.
Since my mbo doesnt support OC-ing it has no option for enabling XMP profile and is not stable when i set my RAM frequency to 2400 (default) ; i get random bsos, which is why i downclocked it to 2133 MHz.


What do you guys suggest? Im desperate for some king of advice.

Should i perhaps buy new MBO?
Is my MBO at fault at all?

Can i force-overclock RAM via Bios and is it possible to do it all? (I have performance bias options: Aida, r15 perofrmance and r15 balance)

Thanks for any kind of help, wish you best wishes in these quarantine days. #StayAtHome