RX 460 fans going absolutely crazy (video)

Discussion created by passante on Mar 24, 2020
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Hi, I have a very annoying problem with my RX 460. Basically the fans keep starting and stopping. If I enter in game the fans would do this for the first 5 to 10 minutes after which they would spin normally as expected. Once I quit the game they would re.start again with this annoying start-stop cycle.

I've been having this issue since the moment I installed this card, around 3 years ago. Back than I didn't really care so I put it out and installed my nVidia card. However recently I build a second pc and was like, hey, why not use my rx 460 right? But when I installed it I got immediately reminded why I put it away 3 years ago. Basically I forgot about this problem.


Here is a video example of what is really happening.

Pls TURN UP the volume so that you can clearly hear the problem