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tired with constant drivers bugs

Question asked by xlox on Mar 25, 2020

I had a 1080ti before , I was stuck with drivers version 388.13 for over 6 month because  of nvidia incapacity to make good working drivers ... and i was unable to work confortably because of bugs with the windows desktop and my multiple screen setup... wasting my time every new version to install and then rollback to 388.13


so i reselled the card and bought a radeon VII... working ok for months until these 2020 drivers ... now I stuck with 19.11.3 for months ...


i just installed 20.3.1 yesterday evening , and like other versions of the 2020 drivers it didn't lasted 12hours before having the first black screen and reboot ... absolutly nothing new since 20.1.1 for me ...


so now exactly like with nvidia wasting a huge time to beta test new driver and rollback to 19.11.3 ...

the only thing I can tell is that for now I can work ok with 19.11.3, but until when ? next windows update that require new version of bugged drivers ???

what's the point ??


moreover I tryed to install new chipset driver for my x570 , ... installer bugged ... rollback to previous chipset driver ... more and more and more and more time wasted ... there is no point doing fast cpu if we can use them and waste more time trying to avoid crashes ...why did I choose to work with computers , why