rx 5700 xt  Heat if watching a video

Discussion created by mauth on Mar 24, 2020

I was suffering from a temperature higher than normal
While watching a video on YouTube or a movie through a movie player like
K Lite Codec
I have encountered this problem since the 2020 update
I tried many updates with this problem 19.12.2 - 19.12.3

20.2.2 - 20.2.3 - 20.1.1 - 20.1.2

All these releases have this problem

As the temperature arrives while watching a video 47 °C to 50°C

If you revert to the old version, 19.12.1
The temperature is while watching the video on YouTube or movie player 40°C

The temperature most of the time is fixed to 40
Even as I watch a video

  • !!!!!!!It has now been more than four months since the problem was not resolved