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My games crash if I stream and game 5700xt

Question asked by freakingrex on Mar 24, 2020

Nothing is overclocked on the gpu and no matter what game, after streaming and playing for 5 to 15 minutes everything crashes and I get errors. I never had crashes on my rx 580, but now that i upgraded to a 5700xt i crash only when im doing both.


My specs are

ryzen 2600 oc to 4.0ghz

gskill ripjaw 3600 16gb ram - running at 3333mhz 16 cas latency (all other timings fall into place with the 16 cas latency)

Msi b450m pro-vdh mobo

gigabyte 5700xt oc gaming

Apevia ATX-PR800W Prestige 800W 80+ Gold Certified