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Battlefield 4 problem with mantle64.dll 0xc000012f

Question asked by mmeiring on Mar 24, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2020 by yendys

Hi there!


I downloaded Battlefield 4 via Origin and played the game for the whole evening.

After shutting down my laptop and starting it up again I received the following error:


(translated from Dutch to English)

C:\Windows\SYSTEM32\mantle64.dll is not suitable for your Windows version or contains a defect.

Try to reinstall the game/program using the original installation program. Error code: 0xc000012f


My laptop has Windows 64bits system.


I already reinstalled the game succesfully and the error code was gone, but as soon i restarts my laptop this error code pops up again.

Does anyone knows how to fix this?