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ryzen 5 3550h vega 8 with rx560x 32gb ram, low fps and freeze

Question asked by dumi3 on Mar 24, 2020

So I have an Asus TUF FX505DY and I have a couple of problems. First very low fps on LoL like 80-90 and sometimes it drops in 70 and even under 30 ar which point the game kinda freeze. I saw that the rx560x stays in 50-60% but very low memory of it is used.

Second problem, in CS:GO good fps like 130 and more that's ok but randomly it freezes and I have to quit the game and start it again. I saw that steam uses as video card: vega8 not the rx560x.

I bought the laptop in like October I think, made a clean install and all the drivers, for 2 month it crushed in like every game of CS:GO, after an update in like jan or feb, it seemed that the problem solved like it crushed only once in 20-30 matches. starting with this update of march it started to crush again very often. Why is not using the rx560x in cs and why is using so low in lol? can I make the laptop to use only the rx560x? I made many changes in amd radeon software recommended on internet for maximum performance but that made no difference. I can play lol for exemple in low spec or high spec but the fps don't modify. the laptop is put on maximum performance.