Discussion created by greenmage64 on Mar 23, 2020

Hi. Everything was superb with my new 5700 xt(Gaming x MSI)


Except that I realised I cannot set the fan curve manually in Wattman, it just doesnt want to respond to any inputs. The fan rarely seem to go higher than 20% usage and the card is running higher in idle temps. I have tried to uninstall and DDU drivers and rolling back to 19.12.1 and also uninstalling afterburner to no avail. Nothing I do seems to have any impact on the fan curve.


I have tried to do everything I could both in wattman and afterburner to no luck.

No matter what I do, after I slide the fan curve stages, they will return to default after a few seconds. Its like they are being overriden by something else.

The only thing that I was able to affect the Fan RPM with is "Auto Overlock" and other auto functions