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I have a gigabyte rx 5600xt gaming oc ,my gpu crashes frequently

Question asked by ati08 on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 16, 2020 by leoracing7

Need some help over here,

                                           a few days ago I bought a gigabyte rx 5600xt gaming oc ( the one with the 3 fans ) . I flashed the bios to the giabyte FA0 bios which overclocks the default clock from 1560mhz to 1670 mhz ,boost clock from 1620 to 1750  and the memory (14000mhz). I did not flash the bios to F2 which the gigabyte website claims is for stability but no overclocks are mentioned . My pc has been black screening at regular intervals , when i play games sometimes the screen flashes to black and then back to normal almost like its on a loop. The black screen flashing is fixed by a reboot of my pc but as soon as I play a game ( right now I am playing Resident Evil 2 DX12 and FarCry 5)my pc becomes a time bomb and it is only a matter of time before my pc crashes. Other times the game i am playing will hang then I see some static (only its made up of black white green and magenta pixels ) and the pc reboots . I don't know what to do . I am using the latest  recommended drivers 20.2.2 and had the same issues with the optional 20.3.1 drivers I even tried 20.2.1. At most if I run Gpu intensive applications like games or benchmarks  my pc just crashes and black screens with a buzzing sound after which the pc reboots  . What is wrong with my GPU ??? is it faulty?? or is it just that AMD has really really bad drivers ???Now before anyone suggest RMA i would like to state that when the drivers ( assuming that drivers are the problems) manage to stay stable the gpu runs fine  I ran uniengine heaven about 10 times , did a GPU burn test on furmark for about 30 mins , I also ran 2 msi kombustor benchmarks (GL) msi-01 and (GL) FurMark-Donut-5200MB for one and a half hours each and the card handled it perfectly fine it is only when I start my pc and the AMD driver decides(again assuming drivers are the problem)  to not work that my pc crashes . Is anyone out there with the same gpu having similar issues I was reading a lot of articles claiming that amd fixed their drivers but i don't know are amd rx navi owners still having issues ??? lastly, is there a sure fire way to tell if my gpu is actually faulty ??? please help !!!

My Specs are:

CPU: Ryzen 5 1600 @ stock 3.2ghz, RAM: Hyper X Fury 8 gb single channel @ 2400 mhz

MOBO: Gigabyte AB 350 Gaming 3 with all bios updated ,PSU: Corsair VS 650

HDD: 1TB x 3 ,SSD: 240gb x 2 

Drivers : Chipset drivers are updated to the latest and using latest recommended 20.2.2 Radeon drivers