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Newest Driver still low GPU usage

Question asked by themagician16 on Mar 23, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 1, 2020 by commandantbeybe

Hey I have a 5700 XT with newest driver and I still cant keep stable 144 + FPS.

I play at 144 HZ with a Ryzen 3600X, 3200MHZ 16 GB RAM and a 5700 XT GPU.

I play mostly BF1 and BF5.

I play at 1080p. CPU utilization usually stays between 50-60%.




My GPU utilization stays around 50-80% with FPS fluctuating from 90-160 instead of trying to keep 144 target FPS AS PER THE RADEON CHILL.

Radeon Chill doesnt seem to work at all. No effect AT ALL.


Why cant AMD make it so that the Radeon Software Radeon Chill actually works, and if I set target min FPS to 144, it will work very hard to keep that framerate? instead of dropping up and down? I dont want to play at 100 FPS average with 50% GPU Load if I can play at 144 FPS with 99 % Gpu load.