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MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC Green Screen

Question asked by papawolf on Mar 22, 2020
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I just RMAed my MSI Armor MK2 Radeon RX570 8gb OC. due to the infamous screen flickering and green/black screen issue. Received a new MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC in return. Did the usual DDU to clean old drivers off system, installed the new card, installed the most recent drivers and..... SAME FRIKIN PROBLEM!!!!! Not happy to say the least....I saw a post in the MSI forums where a guy installed the older Win10 Adrenalin-Edition-18.3.1-March5 and it solved his issue. However, I installed those and it hasn't solved mine. The older driver gives me the intermitten multi colored snow flicker every once in a while before finally going to green screen. I installed just the drivers, NOT all the bloatware, as I don't game and have no use for the other stuff.


Here's my system specs:
My system specs:
CPU: Ryzen 5 2600x
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz
Motherboard: ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F Gaming
BIOS Version: 2901
GPU: MSI Armor Radeon RX580 8gb OC
GPU Drivers: 23.20.15027.1004
PSU: Seasonic Focus Gold 550FM 80 Plus Gold
Display: Samsung 50" UN50NU7400 4K via HDMI (Connected Via Sony STRDH790 Home Theater System)
OS: Windows 10 Home 64 bit 1909 Build - 18363.657


Now... Here's the strange thing.. As mentioned in my specs above, my PC/GPU is usually connected to my Sony STRDH790 Home Theater System, then the HTS connected to the TV via the HDMI/ARC input. I tried connecting the PC/GPU directly to the TV HDMI/ARC input and this seems to clear up the issue, sometimes... This is NOT how I want my system set up! I need the PC/GPU connected to the Sony HTS and then to the TV in order to have Dolby ATMOS, as I do audio and video production and need the ATMOS when working projects that require it. I purchased the original 570 because I was assured by AMD the card was fully compatible with my system. So the connection method should not be a problem....
Has anyone solved this issue, or do I RMA this card as well and demand a refund so I can purchase a GPU that will actually function properly?