Discussion created by jonywow on Mar 22, 2020

Hi, I've been having some problems with the graphics since ever. When I play games like CS, lol usually nothing happens, now when I play a game that pulls more from the graphics performance many times I can't even play, during the intro of the game everything crashes or you see distortions in the image, or even sends the pc down. I have already looked for software solutions such as updating the drivers, using old drivers, formatting the pc, uninstalling and installing games, updating the BIOS, under and over clocking,  but nothing seems to fix the problem ... Yesterday I found this video that seems to speak of what this graphic has defects in hardware and the guy gives this as a solution ( ). Can someone help me with this issue, maybe just let me know that what this guy does can really fix it.. I also recorded a video to show you guys what happens when I launch H1Z1 (for example) : (r9 280x - YouTube ) My components are Motherboard: MSI B85-G41 PC MATE; Ram: 8GB Ballistix; Graphics: ASUS R9 280X DCII TOP; Processor: Intel i5 4690; 750W power supply.


Waiting for response, thanks..