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HDR problems with 5700XT

Question asked by yendys on Mar 21, 2020
Latest reply on Apr 4, 2020 by yendys

There's not much to talk about, but I know I'm not alone!



HDR bad, gray, not applicable on Sapphire Nitro + 5700XT



Now new drivers - but of course the problem since buying the card.
Latest Firmware: m-HG727CCAA-1020.0
DisplayPort, FreeSync, 2560x1440, 144Hz (120-60 same)

HDR still totally unusable, gray, dark, or totally inoperable:
Battlefield 5
Resident Evil 3 Demo
Assetto Corsa Competizione
War Thunder
Far Cry 5



Previously, it worked great with the Saphire RX580 Nitro + and the Sapphire Vega56 Pulse on the same monitor


I deleted the disks and installed new Windows 10. I downloaded the updates, downloaded the latest drivers AMD (Chipset of course known problem "install still 0% but will install" and the latest graphics card drivers 20.3.1).
I downloaded a whole new Battlefield V game to try ... The result is ... still the same. Oh no!!!




But the knowledge - the problem is in DX12 !!! (BF5)


Somewhere here I wrote that "HDR videos on YouTube are perfect in HDR" so I'm sorry, today my friend warned me that the video is as bad as the game I compared it ... result:


Win HDR off
HDR Off:Win HDR off
And again - live is a big difference, the photo distorts.