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RX 5700 stopped detecting specific monitor

Question asked by unclegrampa on Mar 21, 2020

I left a video game on pause long enough for my PC to go into sleep mode, and ever since then one of my monitors stopped being detected by my graphics card (RX 5700).


The monitor still works fine when I plug it into my motherboard or use it as a display for something else like my PS4. And the graphics card still works fine with other displays both for single and dual monitor setups. It's just the specific pairing of that graphics card and that monitor that won't work. 


I've tried switching around which cables and ports are being used, and uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers for the graphics card but none of that helped. I read online that reseating the RAM can help with display issues but that didn't fix it either.


Any ideas?



GPU: Radeon RX 5700

Monitor: BenQ V2410

CPU: Intel i7-3770

Motherboard: ASUSTeK CM6870


Windows 10