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PC does not start

Question asked by lukas9936 on Mar 21, 2020
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i am kinda new to building a PC myself. I‘ve had a custom-built PC (AMD fx-8350, Gigabyte Mainboard, ASUS ROG GTX 1060 OC, etc.). It had been having some problems recently (crashes, not recognizing HDDs/SSDs), so I decided to upgrade my CPU/motherboard/RAM.


i bought a Ryzen 3700X, a Gigabyte B450 Gaming X motherboard and 16GB memory (2x 8 GB 3200 MHz Corsair Vengeance). So I built that all in my case and everything seemed good - at least until I tried starting the PC. Nothing happened...


I suspected my motherboard was broken and got a replacement, but that changed nothing.


Then I suspected a compatibility problem and got the ASRock Steel Legend B450 motherboard.


So I put that in my case, but still nothing, it just won’t start (no signal to monitor or even the fans turning on), but there is power on the USB ports.


im really running out of ideas, my current guess is a somehow faulty PSU, so I ordered a new one today (old one Thermaltake Berlin 630W). The memory doesn’t seem to be the problem (I tried running it with both sticks, just one [tried both] or none) and the CPU seems fine too (nothing bent or sth like that).


i tried clearing the CMOS on all three boards, but that didn’t help. And yes, the front panel PW Switch was correctly on the right pins, tried using a screwdriver to short-circuit it too. The BIOS should be ready for the Ryzen 3700X, at least the box has the ready for Ryzen 3000 Label on it.


anybody have any ideas what could be broken?


thanks in advance!