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P6970 freezes during 3D games

Question asked by sjuhasz on Mar 21, 2020



I bought a used older video card an MSI P6970 and it freezes when I play with a 3D game (like MTG Arena or WoW).
The game starts, I can play for a while, and after like 5-10 minutes the screen becomes white or black and the game crashes.

It does this with multiple games, and I even tried with another graphic card of the same type.

I installed the newest driver (although it's from 2016 (version: 15.301.1901.0)).
Theoretically I have a strong enough power supply.

It doesn't freeze during 3D benchmarks tests.


Is there any known incompatibility problems with this card / chipset? Or what could cause this kind of issue?


Thank you very much and best regards,