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Driver running MSI 5700XT GAMING X at higher clock speed than intended

Question asked by gunstarpl on Mar 21, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by pasqudis

Hey everyone!


I think Radeon driver makes my MSI 5700XT GAMING X run at higher clock frequency than supposed to, which seems to have done damage to it.


I am looking for help with artifacting and crashing that I've been experiencing recently with my card that has been running flawlessly for first 4 months. These problems started occurring some time after upgrading drivers for the first time (not sure if to 20.x or some minor version of late 19.x), which I've updated again few times since.

What I've noticed while using stats overlay is that my card could reach nearly 2150MHz clock frequency (as I believe is denoted by "GPU SCLK" on overlay) on "Automatic Default" tuning, despite being advertised as having max boost clock frequency of 1980MHz. Is that normal?! You can see specifications of the card that I have here:


I've underclocked it by putting -8% on maximum frequency, which according to overlay puts it at around 1925MHz during heavy gameplay and seems to have helped slightly with artifacting/crashing issues (not enough to call it stable). However, Radeon driver has reverted my underclock back to maximum default without any reason this morning, putting the card at risk again and prompting me to make this post in hope to better understand this problem. Otherwise I may end up with the same issue after I end up sending my card back to the manufacturer.


Is the driver faulty or I am misreading what overlay is displaying to me? I would appreciate anyone's help on this.


I've attached some screenshots of my lovely artifacting that seems to come and go.