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5700XT crashing every game and black screen

Question asked by tirsoreanu.andrei on Mar 21, 2020
Latest reply on May 13, 2020 by amdmatt

I recently changed my monitor. Since this new one is QHD and supports FreeSync ,i thought is the case to upgrade also my video card since my old GTX 1080 had some issues with this resolution. So, i though, why not, let's try AMD. My first product from AMD in the last 12-13 years or so. SO i bought a Gigabyte Radeon RX 5700XT Gaming OC. Well, after i read some things on the internet, i realized that the graphic card is ok, the driver is garbage. I get crashes in every single game, from League of Legends to Red Dead Redemption 2. From my experience, the games that doesn't need so much video power, runs like 10 minutes or so with pretty poor performance than crash. The games that are more demanding crash in the first 2-3 minutes.I tried every single version of the driver. Clean windows install. Used DDU. Change the settings in the driver and do every thing i read on the internet that may cause the issue. I checked also my PSU. Everything is fine with my computer. I paid a decent amount of money on a product that i can't use. I saw in you driver release notes that the new version improve the performance in some games. Pointless, i don't care if i get some extra FPS in the game if the game crash after 10 minutes. Than, there's the other thing with the black screen. There's no other way than restart the PC in order to fix that and hope you wouldn't get another black screen in the next hour or so. Another issue is that the in some games, after a few minutes of playing the FPS drops like hell. For eg, in ETS 2 from 120 to 50-55 in just a few minutes. The temps seems normal.

My PC configuration

Asus Z390-f

Intel i5 9600k

32 GB DDR4 HyperX fury black 3200Mhz

Gigabite Radeon RX 5700xt Gaming OC

and 1 HDD + 3 SSD but i din't this is not important.

Latest windows version also.


I think you should focus on the crashing and black screen issue first and then on some other issues. Since it's more important for not to at least let use use the GPU without crashing.


Please fix this thing ASAP or you will lose tons of customer. It's my first product from AMD in years and i already thought to change it. I prefer to pay more for a product that works properly than less on a product that have tons of issues.