Driver 19.12.1 is the most stable on rx 5700 xt

Discussion created by keldhanas on Mar 21, 2020
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2020 by gingla

Hi, after various updates, i had to rollback to 19.12.1 to avoid the annoying freezes i had on all the newest drivers. I tried them all, and everytime i used ddu in safe mode to uninstall the previous driver. The only one that doesn't freeze my pc on normal use (browsing, chatting etc) is the 19.12.1. With all the drivers i hadn't any problems like downclocking or frequent black screens, and i could play smooth with everyone.

My config is :

I7 2600k

p8z68 deluxe gen3

16 gb ddr3 ram 1866

windows 10 last update

Rx 5700 xt nitro+.

Cooler master v650s

The problems happen with card stock, but even with card downvolted. But i noticed a strange thing: with the 2020 drivers, the card voltage is 1.2v with 2074 boost clock, while with the 19.12.1, the voltage is 1168 with 2034 boost clock, so i think that all the new drivers don't read correctly the clock and voltage informations of the bios of the card. As i said, i tried manual undervolting the card even with the new drivers and also tried to manual set the clock at the correct values, but nothing avoided the freeze issue.