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Can not fresh install Windows 10 Pro with a Radeon 5450

Question asked by oldserverguy on Mar 20, 2020

I have an older Xeon HP xw8400 workstation/server that has 3 separate SATA drives and a VisionTek Radeon 5450 graphics card.  The third drive went "out to lunch" while running the latest Windows updates - no problems with the first two drives.  Since I have product key and it didn't really have an unique files on it I booted from a USB drive with the 1/9/2020 files on it.  As soon as the first pass of updates ran I got a screen with no cursor and no icons - kinda of the desktop of death (DOD).  Following support suggestions I've tried numerous combinations of safe mode, running the AMD cleanup utility, wushowhide, updates, etc. - all result in the "DOD".  I then did an image restore of another drive on the system and it works fine.


There seems to be some very deep problem here.  Since I can't do anything else except work on this and clean my garage I've got time to work on this (I dislike cleaning the garage).  How do I do a clean Win10 install with this card and get a positive outcome?