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Artifacts Radeon VII

Question asked by rx580oc1610mhz on Mar 20, 2020

Bad Artifacts when Radeon Software is running 20.2.2




  • Radeon VII waterblocked
  • Ryzen 2600x waterblocked
  • Two m.2 1TB HD's
  • 16gb 3000 Ram (2 sticks)


Was previously running Driver 19.9.2.

         (no issues) 2200mhz/1100mv - 1200 memory

         Has Power Play tables modification.

         Have not had any issues for over 1 year.

Windows up to date. (March 12, 2020 Version:1903-OS Build 18362.720 and 1909-OS Build 18363.720)


Installed new drivers to play COD Warfare because textures would not load correctly.


Used DDU to uninstall old driver. Installed new Drivers. Launched first game (Apex Legends) instant artifacting occurred.



Artifact issue is resolved immediately after uninstalling Radeon Software via Windows programs uninstall. The computer does not have to restart. Simply uninstalling the program fixes the issue. 


I have had windows start up without issue without starting radeon software, and if I open the application, the artifacting begins immediately, before the UI even loads. Using the task manager to end the Radeon Software application does not resolve the issue, but uninstalling the program does. Reinstalling the program activates the issue.


I have tried to turn every single feature off within radeon software and restart the computer but the artifacting occurs once radeon software is activated. ######


How can I install the previous Version with Wattman? Every time I try to install using an older driver, the new UI is installed.