20.3.1 still unable to switch Tuning Profiles

Discussion created by mdfx on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 22, 2020 by madkrim

By default my Global Tuning tab looks like this:

Please note: Zero RPM - enabled, Power Tuning - disabled.


Also I'm using a game profile with a different settings:

Advanced Fan Control, custom fan curve, Power Tuning set to +50%


And now the problem:

Each time I'm playing the game the tuning profile overrides Global Tuning settings, after turning the game off the Global Tuning tab looks like this:

Power limit: +50%, Fan tuning: disabled

As a result my GPU fans never stop after I exit the game. I have to manually switch global tuning Zero RPM option to "On" each time.

I assume this is a bug, either a very frustrating user experience.


Ryzen 2600


Radeon Software 20.3.1

Windows 10 1909