Radeon VII Consistent Black Screens/Driver Crash

Discussion created by rajadog20 on Mar 19, 2020
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I have been having consistent black screens/driver crashes with my Radeon VII. Consistent as in once every 4 hours or so while gaming. It seems to be most often within the first hour or so of gaming a day and less often after that. 


I never see any issues when running benchmarks or stress tests, even if I run them for hours. Games I play that seem to cause black screens are COD MW and Elder Scrolls online, each causing a black screen within 1 hour of playing. This happens both on windows 10 (up to date) and Arch Linux (amdgpu). 


On windows, i'll get a black screen, no sound and after about 30 seconds, the driver will recover but will be "throttled" to under 1000Mhz. Windows event viewer shows the following

"Display driver amdkmdap stopped responding and has successfully recovered."




If I am playing COD MW, it throws the following error

DEV ERROR 6068 : DIRECT X encountererd an unrecoverable error


While on linux, I will get a black screen with no input and a sound loop that does not recover. 


Drivers on both OS are up to date. BIOS on the GPU is


CPU is AMD 2700x

32gb ram @2400

850w PSU

All voltages/clocks are stock.


Any info or suggestions would be appreciated.