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how do you get timely support with AMD?

Question asked by disisme on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 20, 2020 by disisme

I have a business that is utterly dependant upon my processor (3700X) took a crash and needs to be replaced.  so I open a ticket....24 hours to get a reply.....please send us this info, including a copy of the invoice.  sent them all immediately after receiving the request. 


Another 24 hours..... they ask for the SAME thing again!  This is despite me telling them that i am confined to  a tablet with no access to a scanner or any other fancy software or hardware at the point of initial contact.


at this point it is quite apparent that support check their email once a day, but don't actually READ what it says...despite the criticality of the issue in question.  if I replied to my customers once a day, I would be out of business fast, and I may well be out of business due to AMDs apathetic attitude towards customer response.  


if you have a single point of contact, make it an interactive are sending me down the toilet here AMD ….


how many others are encountering this same elongated and debilitating delay in support responsiveness?