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RX560: fan doesn't spin after hibernation

Question asked by volga163 on Mar 19, 2020

I use an RX560 graphics card by Asrock. I noticed that after exiting the hibernation mode the graphics card doesn't start the fan, and it stays still. After booting the OS, the fan quickly goes to 100% twice then again switches off. When I started FurMark, the card doesn't start the fan even when the temperature goes as high as 80C. After rebooting the machine, the fan works normally again.

I rarely use the hibernation mode but sometimes it's requied to use it for me... The graphics card drivers version is 20.2.1. Motherboard model is MSI A68HM-E33. There is no GPU fan smart control in the BIOS, AFAIK. OS: Windows 10 x64. 
What can be solution of this problem, except stopping using the hibernation mode?