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RX 5700 gives no signal trough HDMI, but works on DP

Question asked by costantito on Mar 19, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2020 by saberslash12345

As said in the tile, i get no signal from the hdmi port of my RX 5700.

I bought it from amazon warehouse around 1 month ago, it worked fine until a few days ago when suddently my hdmi port stopped working.

My rig is: i7 8700K, 16 GBb of ram, RX 5700 from Asus TUF (the one with the shitty cooler) , 250 GB NvME.

My monitor configuaration is like this: A 4k 60Hz monitor as main connected trough DisplayPort, a 1080P one as secondary monitor connected trough HDMI.

Lately come back using the VR headset (Oculus Rift), therefor i needed a HDMI port, so every time i needed to use the vr, i unplugged the secondary display and plugged in the Rift. There were no problems until some days ago when i plugged in my secondary monitor and nothing appeared on the screen. I restarted and nothing happened, thinking was the monitor the problem i hooked it up to my laptop and it worked, i tried going to linux (Manjaro) where my gpu works fine, no signal on the hdmi port.

At the moment i tried:

- 3 different monitor with every one a no signal resoult.

- Many different cables, tested on other pcs that works.

- I checked it there were any dus or something else in the hdmi port, but didnt find anything.

- Cleaning (with DDU) the drivers and reintalling them.

- Switching PCI lane.

- Installing the gpu in another totally differen rig.

- Probably many other things that im forgetting.

What im going to try:

- Completely reinstall Windows and the drivers as well

3 times the hdmi port accuately gave a signal:

The resolution was 800x600 and i wasnt able to change it from the windows setting, only by creating a custom resolution on the AMD Radeon Software of 1920x1080 and settign it manually, i also had a strange artifact: a blurred bar on the left side of the monitor,

but as soon as i restarted the pc i lost the signal and the settings.

This clearly is not a relaible option beacuse the signal is giver onece every 100 times i connected the screen.

I didnt found any fix googling, only a thread on the AMD forum talking about this:

I am thinking of returning the gpu and buyng a RX 5700 XT but i would rather mutch more making this one work.



Post update:


I found a way to make my gpu see my screen for a split second by connecting the display trough hdmi and turning it on while connected

Here a video as explanation:


I also found a way to keep the monitor from disappearing. if i click on the "Display 2" box i nthe radeon software fast enough the display dosent disappear at times.

The first time it happened the resolution was 640x480, i wasn't able to change it from the windows settings, so i added a custom resolution fo 1920x1080 (the native monitor resolution) trough the radeon software and the monitor accepted it right away, the image was crips and sharp.

Video as reference:

Even if this method works requires some attempts and obviously it dosent work with vr headset.

It means that my ports works fine tho!


Link to my reddit post on r/buildapc: