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RX 5700 XT major crash issues

Question asked by quardah on Mar 17, 2020
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This is by very far the hardest troubles i've ever had with a graphic card.


Troubles began when we tried installing Modern Warfare 2019 for Warzone. AMD drivers 20.2.2, the game would crash and cause severe system degradation if not rebooted. The game would go blackscreen, and would crash. After several crashes and reboot, several tries at uninstalling the display driver with DDU and then reinstalling, the degradation would be so bad we couldn't even boot any other previously functioning games like Counter Strike Global Offensive or Rocket League.


This is the current setup :


Viewsonic VX2758-C-MH connected by HDMI to an RX 5700 XT Sapphire card. (FreeSync enabled)
110M-ITX motherboard (stock bios) with Intel 6500K, 16GB (2x8) DDR4 2133 RAM.
Samsung 256gb 850 EVO + Samsung 256 840 EVO.
PSU Corsair 650W


Now i tried reinstalling windows from scratch, run all the updates, and then install 20.2.2 again and trying to install CS on steam (not even starting the game) the computer crashes with a BSOD (video scheduler internal error) and then refuses to boot (partition is broken).


This all started when trying to install Modern Warfare 2019, everything was running OK beforehand.


What we tried :


1 - Downgrading AMD drivers to 19.12.2. All games would run with worst performances, Modern Warfare was still crashing.


2 - Reinstalling Windows from scratch, didn't work


3 - Reinstalling the display driver after DDU, with factory reset, wouldn't work. 19.12.2 and latest 20.2.2.


4 - I noticed any games crashes if the Blizzard Launcher is opened. Might be the culprit. Disabled hardware acceleration in the launcher and didn't change anything.


5 - Reinstalled Modern Warfare and CS:GO, would still be garbage.


6 - Modern Warfare crashed a lot during its initial loadup because it has to download shaders, and the game would crash during the download.


7 - We managed to get the game running in safe mode for a little time. First time we managed to play maybe 3 minutes of warzone before the BSOD. Second time we had a lot of garbage on screen doing the initial training.

More info : In Modern Warfare we had the 6068 error code sometimes during crashes (when it wasn't a BSOD). We tried at least 40 times to boot the game and it always ended up failing.

All in all this is a garbage experience. Absolute garbage.


I have read in here : 

That a bios upgrade could maybe fix my issue but it's older hardware and i really don't want to try it because i can't brick my nephew's only computer.

Right now i just finished reinstalling windows and all its updates, and installed 20.1.3, and now i have no display.

This is beyond garbage at this point.