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  • So , I have a MSI rx 5700 xt gaming x GPU and Ryzen 3700 x CPU with 16gb 3200mhz ram's and 650w psu unit and x570 Msi gaming plus motherboard.  My operating system is Windows 10 64bit.

  Driver version installed of my GPU is 20.2.2 adrenaline version. 


Description of my problem:

  • The issue im having when im using Lumion software and especially Reflection setup's on model when rendering causes program to crash. The screen of the program freezes and enforces me to close it with task manager.
  • Also when im playing RDR2 black screen and freeze problem occured and forced me to hard reset .
  • Is there anyone having these issues especially the lumion freeze problem and any idea how to solve it. It is started to frustrating me and not allowing me to do my job. I think im starting to regret with amd gpu decision.