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My game crashes now, because of the new AMD driver i just installed

Question asked by dpc13 on Mar 17, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2020 by kingfish

So i had a 32 bit version of win7 and i had the latest amd driver, the game started that time (counter strike global offensive) but it worked slowly. So i decided to move on 64 bit version of win7 in order to make my laptop read all my RAM. Then i installed the latest AMD driver, adrenaline 2020 and now my game crashes when i start doesnt even start. So i uninstalled the driver, and now the games starts, but runs slowly. So i decided to install an older version of the amd driver (some driver from 2016 i think ?) and the game starts, but , as well, runs slowly. What should i do? I mention that back in the day, i had an win7 on 64bit but the driver wasn't updated, and the game was working fine, so i decided then it was time to update my driver, and from there, all started. Now i don't really know what to do