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host application not working

Question asked by bushycarpet on Mar 17, 2020

System specs:

R7 3700x

Aorus Ultra x570

32gig G.SKill 3600mhz ( 2x16)

Red Devil RX 5700 XT

Corsair 750w Gold

windows 10x64bit

I am experiencing errors while playing games ( Specifically when i play Runescape ) that the screen would black out for a second and then a message saying host application not working. I've Clean installed using DDU and ensuring that any anti programs are off and even tried it with no internet and just install the drivers offline. This worked once for a small time window before but now its back and it occurs even after successfully updating and clean intalling gpu drivers. I've read that the error happens due to driver issues primarily but i have yet to confirm this with anyone.