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In-game performance problems

Question asked by helyivan on Mar 15, 2020

Hi, I wanted to ask about a problem that I have been having, although I suspect the graphics card, I am not entirely sure. 

First, I have a computer with a Ryzen 3600 processor, a vega 56 HBM2 Phantom Gaming X graphic card, a 1TB hdd hard drive, an ASUS Prime A320M-K motherboard, an 8 GB, 2666 mHz DDR4 RAM, with a latency of 16 CL, and a 750W source (Graphics and motherboard drivers are up to date). I use Windows 10 PRO 64 Bits, it is updated.

Since I bought the computer I have played games with good demands like CSGO and Gears 5 (in Gears I suffered tearing, but nothing serious, I fixed it) as it should work, with the framerate and performance that it is supposed to have. But I have been experiencing frame drops and similar problems in games like Fortnite (This happens more than anything in the lobby before the bus, when jumping off the bus, and in the fall. Then it works ok), which in theory my computer would be able to run smooth. Worse still, in the recent COD: Warzone goes fatal, including strong graphics glitches and the aforementioned frame drops at all times of the game, it only goes stable in the menu. The strange thing is that the performance does not improve reducing the graphics of the game. As I said, I am not sure if it is the graphics card, but since it seems to be the most exhausted when it comes to playing, I suspect that the problem comes from there. Postscript: I don't overclock or undervolt.