AMD Warranty Fraud help!!

Discussion created by keviekevfrank on Mar 16, 2020
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So as the title states I need a little help with a very ODD AMD warranty issue on the 3950X


I have been building PC's using AMD's products lineup for YEARS now, Never ever had one single issue until now, So I get the BRAND NEW just released 3950X CPU, Used for a couple months and BOOM it stops working, (yes I did all the proper tests its 100% the CPU)  annoying sure but its under warranty so no big deal right? WRONG, these people will go to ANY measures to get out of covering a product under warranty...


First they asked for an invoice of purchase, no problem I sent it, they then said "Send us a pic of the CPU with your name and ticket number written on a piece of paper next to it" OK Done, THEN all of a sudden they are claiming they already replaced it and now refuse to honor my warranty??? They are claiming I do not have the CPU in possession etc.... So I suggested simply allowing me to SEND it in to them, proving I DO have it in my possession (what a strange way to avoid a warranty) they refused, I offered to send it in at my own expense they refused!!!!


This is insane!!! Any ideas or suggestions?  Before this I loved AMD to death but I guess thats because I never had an issue EVER, now that I did and see how they handle it WOWWWW


Side note.. when I call, Tech support 100% agrees with me and thinks whats being done is terrible but hold no power to fix it