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my new ryzen 3600 build freeze constantly

Question asked by aali on Mar 15, 2020

my pc 

ryzen 3600 

2*8 corsair vengeance 3000mhz

b450 aourus elite 

1650 super 

hikvision 120g ssd

1tb seagate 


my pc freez constantly  from time to time 


and here what i have tried so far :- 


i updated all my drivers including bios and windows .

i set power option in windows for ssd not to ever sleep 

i choose the ryzen high performance from power option 

i turned off the pci express in the power option 


note : my pc completely freez i'm not able to turn it of from windows or anything else 

and if i restated the device after freezing it stops on the bios window for motherboard and refuse to open the windows .

i must turn it off from the power button manually to be able to use the device again .