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Is these OC settings on a 3800X safe?

Question asked by drfeelgood on Mar 15, 2020
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2020 by fr3ddie

Hello all


I'm trying to get some more out of my 3800X. I'm using AMD Ryzen Master and inbuilt Test and then after running Cinebench R20 and getting a score of 5143 running at a all Core-Boost 4.4Ghz at 1,4375V. Is this safe? Temp is 88C.


I have only tweaked All Core-Boost and Voltage nothing else. Is there other settings I should try to get even more out of my CPU?


I saw a guy on this forum saying that he achieved 4.5Ghz at 1.35V. My Voltage is much and higher and my clock is lower!!! Is this normal or am i doing something wrong?


My Setup is as follows:

Asus Rog-Strix X570-F

AMD Ryzen 7 3800X @ 4.4Ghz at 1.4375V

Corsair Vengence Pro 3200Mhz

Coolermaster Silent Pro 1000W Gold PSU


Kind Regard DrFeelgood